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Cantieri Culturali della Zisa
Palerme (Italie), 2013

Organised by the Sicilian cultural association ZAC (Zisa Arti Contemporanee) in Palermo in 2013, the collective exhibition “Buongiorno Blinky” paid tribute to the German painter Blinky Palermo (June 2, 1943 - Feb. 18, 1977) through the works of a group of contemporary artists. Winking at Palermo’s pseudonym - borrowed from the American Mafioso and boxing promoter Frank “Blinky” Palermo - the project realised by Vadrot, entitled A Square Called a Ring, was conceived as a theatre scene that echoed a boxing ring. Highlighting this reference, the structure - a large square platform (7x7m) covered with a blue tarp and illuminated by a single powerful spotlight - was installed in a large warehouse and visitors could watch it only from afar. The distance between the exhibit and the audience reinforced the notion of spectacle common to both the world of boxing and that of artistic performance.

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