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Villa Médicis, 2012 

The history of Confetti is quite eventful, both in France and in Italy: although harmless, its use, throughout history, has been severely circumscribed and, at times, banned.

On the occasion of the residents exhibition at the Villa Medici, Fanette Mellier created oversized confetti which featured the planets of the solar system.

The scenography, overseen by Olivier Vadrot, was to shoot large white, helium-filled balloons with a rifle, liberating the confetti into the night sky. This printed galaxy, festive and ephemeral, was launched during Andrew Sharpley’s musical performance of compositions made with the sounds of printing machinery.

The traditional codes of popular festivities were revisited, with a sense of movement and diversion, under the theme of print as a field of symbolic exploration.

Music : Andrew Sharpley
Graphic design : Fanette Mellier
Print : Art & Caractère

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