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A4 is a collective edition of unlimited free prints.
The less it costs to produce a work of art, the less power is ceded to economics. We tend to devalue, without even realizing it, anything that is offered for free. Our aim is to change the paradigm, by making art accessible to all: creating the conditions
for relationships, exchange and encounters, fostering free circulation and networks.

-By experimenting inside and outside of official circuits, which are more closed than ever
now that celebrity and finance dominate the art world.
-By resisting art-as-spectacle and object-as-fetish.
-By breaking down the hyper-selective structures of dominant art.
That is the ambition of A4, an unlimited collective work.

A participatory work, an active form of artistic practice by which artists, critics, writers, philosophers, designers, architects (women and men, in equal measure) conceive and produce works on the theme of « art: free of charge ». Works in black and white on sheets of A4 paper, which are photocopied and made available, packaged in reams – an ideally fragmentary, postmodern form – at public performances. All the works will be offered free of charge. A box designed specifically for preserving the sheets of paper will also be available.
Presentations of the works will take place in venues which are not necessarily designed as art-specific
spaces, but in each one a photocopy machine will be in place. Participants are invited to join in the presentation as they wish, and so take an active part in the exchange.

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