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Oiseaux / Tonnerre, 2013
Sound installation in collaboration with Célia Houdart (text), Sébastien Roux (sound creation) and Yannick Fouassier (light).

Coproduction Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture, GMEM - Centre national de création musical de Marseille.

Oiseaux / Tonnerre is a diptych consisting of a sound walk on the Sainte-Victoire mountain and an installation at the Puits Morandat, a former coal mine in Gardanne. These two pieces bring together human presences, plants and animals. The texts and sounds also summon the wind, the geomorphology and the movements of the underground. It is something like a small noisy and mineral opera, sound land art, linking the tops and the depths of the earth.
Headsets, mp3 players and maps are available to the public at the Maison Sainte-Victoire to make the sound trail. The spaces of the mine have been sounded and illuminated. The interior space of the shower rooms has been hidden behind a forest green fabric wall, which hides the sound sources and isolates the sound. This double skin blurs the perception of the space, as the visitor cannot see the real limits of the architecture that contains it. The same is true for the great hall of the hanged, which is immersed in fog and a soft orange light.

Photographs : Graziella Antonini
Link to the website of Sébastien Roux

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