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Collège Chateaudun
Belfort (France), 2008-2013

Who does not remember the sad and standardised sound of a school bell? Determined to renew this sonorous monotony and to infuse new energy in the corridors of their institution, the educational team of the collège de Châteaudun, in the east of France - in collaboration with the General Council of the Territoire de Belfort - commissioned Carillons. Developed with the French composer Sébastien Roux, the project consists of a series of 45 short melodies, made of sounds and words, that vary according to the moment of the day. Inspired by the various disciplines taught in the school - from English to mathematics - the melodies create an ever-changing polyphony that rhythms the students’ lives while enriching their general knowledge. 60 loudspeakers, built with ash wood from a local sawmill by the college’s technical team, diffuse the soundtracks.

Photos : Samuel Carnovali

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