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Commissioned by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques
Paris, 2016

Developed in 2016 for the National Centre for Visual Arts in Paris, as part of the programme “Capsules du design” - organised by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication - Cavea is a nomadic platform designed to facilitate debates and dialogues, just like ancient wooden theatres. Made of self-supporting birch plywood elements - encased on a solid metal frame through a rail system - the structure is of simple assembly. Thanks to its flexibility, it can host a wide range of events, from lectures to and workshops. Because of these features, in May 2018 it was adopted by the Centre Pompidou in Paris to host the conferences organised by the museum in the frame of the exhibition “May 68 - General Assembly”. The show was the opportunity to reaffirm the identity of Cavea as a tool for togetherness, highlighting the fundamental role of amphitheaters and collective assemblies in the construction of democracy.

Inaugural presentation during D’Days, Galerie Joseph, Paris, May 2016.
Photos : Michel Giesbrecht

Views of Mai 68 - Assemblée Générale at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, May 2018.
Photos: Hervé Véronèse and Léa Guintrand

Presentation during the FIAC, October 2018.
Photo: Marc Dommage

Text: Laura Drouet & Olivier Lacrouts

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