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La veille, 2013
Sound installation.
Green fabric, metal structure, speakers-audio broadcast system. Variable dimensions.

In collaboration with Célia Houdart (text), Sébastien Roux (sound composition), Yannick Fouassier (light), Laurent Poitrenaux (voice). Coproduction Festival Reims Scènes d’Europe and Césaré, Centre national de création musicale.

Thought as an immersive soundscape happening at dusk, La Veille is a 30-minute sound fiction conceived by Célia Houdart and Sébastien Roux. Irregularly shaped, the space that hosts it is delimited by an opaque fabric that envelops and isolates the audience from the surroundings. A real spatial translation of the principle of acousmatic - a concept developed by French composer Pierre Schaeffer, which involves the use of hidden sound sources - once a day the scenographic device welcomes a live chorus that adds another layer to the overall experience. The darkness that surrounds the structure allows to conceal the sound sources - placed at variable distances - and to strengthen the cocoon-effect created by the thin membrane. La Veille* was notably presented at the ABC Cultural Center in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), in 2017.

Drawing : Olivier Vadrot
Photography : Agathe Dufort
Link to the website of Sébastien Roux

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