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The design practice of the Cocktail Designers collective is traversed by collaborations that have resulted in a series of objects dedicated to music and theater. Through a text by the critic Jeanne Quéheillard, these objects are studied for their functionality: “[…] while they are part of a design approach, with designers, their status is interpreted in a variable way, sometimes subject to semantic confusions as to their nature and definition. As sound diffusion devices, they are often assimilated to installations or sculptures. On the other hand, by approaching them from their utility, the triviality of their function highlights their intrinsic qualities as sound-diffusing objects, as we speak of scent or light diffusers.”
Cocktail Designers is a collective of designers founded in 2004 by Olivier Huz, Claire Moreux, Olivier Vadrot and Lionel Mazelaygue.

Text by Jeanne Quéheillard.
Ed. Les Presses du Réel, October 2010
Bilingual (French / English)
10,7 x 16 cm, 64 pages (ill.)
9.00 €
ISBN : 978-2-84066-418-5
EAN : 9782840664185

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