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Centre Dramatique National Nanterre - Amandiers et Programme d’Expérimentation en Arts Politiques (SPEAP), Sciences Po.
Paris (France), 2015

The silhouette of Tribunes is inspired by the minimalist theatre designed by Le Corbusier on the rooftop of the Unité d’Habitation, in Marseille, in 1953. While the overall shape is similar to that developed by the renowned Swiss architect, however, the project of Vadrot varies in terms of dimensions, materials and ergonomics. Originally built on the occasion of the event “Make it Work / The Theater of Negotiations” - organised by the theatre of Nanterre-Amandiers in June 2015 - the project is composed of seven light and portable wooden modules that can travel together or separately. Thought as a multifunctional structure, Tribunes features vertical panels, that can be used to hang artworks, posters or other printed media, and a series of steps that can be converted into temporary office tables. Encouraging dialogues and exchanges, the project provides the stage for conferences, performances and exhibitions. In 2015, Tribunes was presented during the event “Summer Camp 2015”, at the National Dance Center of Pantin, near Paris, and in the frame of the exhibition “Auteurs présumés”, curated by Chloé Grondeau and Émilie Roi at the Galerie des Étables in Bordeaux (France).

Photos : Martin Argyroglo
Text : Laura Drouet & Olivier Lacrouts

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