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First monograph devoted to the work of designer and scenographer Olivier Vadrot, with a text by design historian Tony Côme, interviews and an important iconography.

Olivier Vadrot’s career (born in 1970) has been determined at the crossroads of many fields: architecture, design, curating and exhibition design, and the theatrical and musical scene. In parallel to his studies in architecture, he embarked on the collective adventure of the Pluzdank Theatre. He co-founded the contemporary art center La Salle de bains in Lyon, then the Cocktail Designers group, within which he designed several listening devices for music labels. His stay at the Villa Medici (2012-2013) as a scenographer marks an important turning point in his career. His personal practice was affirmed by refocusing on micro-architectures that allow for assembly. If some of these devices are nomadic and ephemeral, others have been more durably implanted in the public space. Olivier Vadrot pays extreme attention to the conditions of material existence of the objects he produces: economy of manufacture, multiplicity of uses including transport, assembly, storage, possible adaptations, maintenance and renewal.

Text by Tony Côme.
Ed. General Catalogue, January 2020
Bilingual (French / English)
16,5 x 25 cm, 224 pages (ill.)
25.00 €
ISBN : 979-10-92677-07-2
EAN : 9791092677072

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