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Bêma, 2021
Speech architecture,
Douglas fir and lacquered metal

Bêma designates in ancient Greek the platform on which the speakers took the floor in the first democratic assemblies, on the Pnyx hill in Athens, 2500 years ago. A few steps remain, climbing to a promontory, carved in the limestone, facing the Acropolis. With this project, I want to try to restore this tribune in an ephemeral dimension, with a few wooden boards. And thus to offer to the inhabitants a place to address the others, to express themselves, to speak, to recite, to shout or to sing. Two of these platforms have been installed as part of the Altitude 2028 event during the summer of 2021 in Clermont-Ferrand (France). They host different performances, but are also available to local residents, and any groups or associations that wish to use them.

Photo : Altitude 2028

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