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Maison de l’enfance et de la jeunesse (La Passerelle)
Roissy-en-France, 2018 (France)

Designed for the young audience of La Passerelle, a space dedicated to children in the city of Roissy-en-France, Conversations consists of three elements - the Trône ventriloque (Ventriloquist throne), the Cockpit rose (Pink cockpit) and the Conseil des sièges (Seats council) - that oscillate between sculptures and functional objects. Made of volcanic stone from the Auvergne region (France), the Trône ventriloque is composed of a double seat allowing two children to sit on it at the same time. Connected by a 5 cm wide hole, located in the small recess that forms the backrest, the two users are free to exchange their secrets. The same goes for the Cockpit rose, a cone-shaped piece made of sandstone from the Vosges region (France) and pierced by four holes that enable the children to communicate. Finally, the Conseil des sièges is a set of ten small cylindrical stools of various sizes arranged around an imaginary fire. Like a miniature Stonehenge, the latter is a place to exchange ideas, tell stories, debate and play.

Photos: Graziella Antonini

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