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Kibashi, 2019
Poplar plywood, screws
Dimensions : 612 x 180 x 117(h) cm

At the invitation of the Art Danse festival, which takes place every late summer in several gardens in Burgundy, I made a wooden bridge, in Japanese Kibashi. Placed on a wild path, away from the straight paths, it constitutes a promontory and offers to the walker an unusual point of view in his wandering. It is inspired by a particular Japanese bridge, “the bridge to look at the moon”.
The structure of Kibashi is similar to that of a scaffolding, it closes the passage under the bridge. This solid volume is reminiscent of the wooden structure that precedes the construction of a stone arch. Once the last stone is laid, the passage is freed by setting fire to the pile of wood.

Photographs: Olivier Vadrot and Roxanne Gauthier

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