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Précisions sur les vagues #2, 2008
Electroacoustic theater.
Poplar plywood, metal structure, speakers, LED projectors, wool felt.
Dimensions: 400 x 420 x 190(h) cm.

In collaboration with Célia Houdart and Sébastien Roux. Text by Marie Darrieusecq read by Valérie Dréville. Coproduction Festival d’Avignon, Centre dramatique national Orléans Loiret Centre, Centre national de création musicale La Muse en circuit.

Inspired by the organic shapes of the marine world, Précisions sur les vagues is a scenographic device tailor-made for the homonymous soundscape imagined by Célia Houdart and Sébastien Roux. The wooden structure - which measures approximately four meters in diameter - is conceived as a hollow and circular shape in which metal slats, cut into helical forms, seem to wave like seaweeds. A wink to the Fun pendant lamp designed by the Danish designer Verner Panton in 1964, the glittering elements form a rigid curtain that envelops and hides the loudspeakers placed at the heart of the structure and prevent visitors from seeing and disturbing each other. Framing the whole, ten small alcoves - separated by thin walls - invite the viewers to come closer, sit down and listen to the loop sound.

Photographs: Graziella Antonini
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