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Commissioned by the Museum of Fine Arts of Kortrijk
Kortrijk (Belgium), 2007

Taking its name from the fusion of the two terms “icosahedron” - the polyhedron made of 20 faces - and “jack” - the electrical connectors used in the musical field -, Icosajack consists of an alternative jukebox and three star-shaped structures, each composed by eight lacquered steel branches to which are attached an equal number of headphones. Broadcasting a series of tracks from the archives of Optical Sound, a music label founded and directed by Pierre Beloüin, whose goal is to promote the works of artists and experimental musicians, Icosajack was designed to create new interaction opportunities. Wandering around the installation, which seems silent at first glance, the viewer can listen to the musical selections - that are played at random - either by sitting on the floor or standing up. First developed for the Sound of Music exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Kortrijk, Belgium (2007), Icosajack joined the FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur’s collection in 2010. Over the past years, it has been presented at the Villa Arson, in Nice (2008), at the Bruissin Fort, near Lyon (2009), at the Regional Museum of Contemporary Art of Sérignan (2010) and at the Villa Tamaris, in La Seyne-sur-mer (2010).

Exhibition view La persistance est tout, FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Marseille, 2008. Photos: Jean-Christophe Lett, Olivier Huz

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