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Crate, 2020
Douglas wood, lacquered canvas, linoleum.
Dimensions: 325 x 260 x 249(h) cm

This temporary construction is a reception and mediation space for the art center Le Lait, in Albi, France. Its structure is totally independent, and reversible. It will leave no trace of its passage after its dismantling, in a few years. It was built in two days by the teams on site, from a set of Douglas fir planks kindly provided by the nearby sawmill and a detailed manual designed by the designer. Crate is a general term for all kinds of wooden crates, from a simple openwork crate for foodstuffs to the largest transport crate. The crate, the pallet, or the trestle, here are objects apparently insignificant but whose design and precise proportions lead to a great intelligence of use.

Production: Centre d’art Le Lait, Albi
Photographs : Phoebé Meyer

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