Le Vertugadin (Infos) (Images)
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Commissioned by the Parc Jean Jacques Rousseau: Centre Culturel de rencontre
Ermenonville, 2015

The fusion of a garden folly, a theatre and a carousel, Vertugadin is a synthesis of two interwoven worlds: architecture and performance. Thanks to its two thick curtains the structure is an invitation to interaction. When opened, it acts as a frame introducing the surrounding nature; when closed, it is an intimate, dark and quiet space. Being convertible into a bandstand, a theatre and a ballroom (it can be reduced to a simple platform without walls) Vertugadin is a multifunctional architecture customisable according to different needs. Its nomadic, light and easy-to-assemble structure - which consists of a hexagonally shaped floor and six stainless steel posts crowned with a pleated polyester roof - is a contemporary reinterpretation of the 18th-century pavilions that punctuate the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Park in the little town of Ermenonville, in the north of France, where it stands.

Photos: Graziella Antonini

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